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למטריקס דרוש/ה אינטגרטור/ית (יקנעם)
משרה  68947
תחום מקצוע  חשמל ואלקטרוניקה
השכלה  טכנאי/ת
אזור  מגידו (יקנעם)
תיאור התפקיד (משימות ותחומי עיסוק מרכזיים)
• Maintain the integration lab
• Prototypes and Jigs Assembly
• Track the R&D systems in use and keep them up to date
• Install new SW releases as well as other peripherals
• Manage the PRs for equipment according to demands
• Perform initial tests over prototypes according to Integration plan
• Advice on design for reliability, manufacturability and serviceability
• Support the Transfer-to-Production activities with the Engineering group
• Build the setup for external activities (such as clinical trials and usability evaluations).
דרישות התפקיד (השכלה, יכולות וניסיון קודם)
Required Qualifications:
• Electrical/mechanical/SW technical knowhow
• System level understanding
• Debug and solving problems capabilities
• Detailed observation skills & delicate/sharp analytical mind
• Office tools (Word, Excel, PPT) knowhow
• English speaker.
תחילת פרסום  22/11/2020
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